Sunday, February 17, 2008

I am smart!

So the thing is is that while I may have a college degree and have read many books and written lots of papers and taken many tests and did pretty well in my classes, sometimes Im not all that smart. Casey on the other had is very smart and would win lots of money on Jepordy, his intelligence is a bit dorky but endearing to me. Well my intelligence revealed itself last night as we were driving through the west part of Salt Lake. Not to be sterotyping but most of the billboards on that side of the railroad tracks are in spanish and I happened to notice one. In an attempt to show off my bilangual skills began reading it out loud and attempted to translate it.
You see, I did take four years of spanish in high school, my dad and brother both speak spanish as well as a large part of the population where I grew up, and so I kindof speak spanish-sort of.
Well the bilboard had a picture of a man and said in bold letters just like this: TE.NA.CIOUS. I began saying the words out loud in my white girl spanish accent. I said it over and over again, translating it in my head but got frustrated by my inability to pronounce or translate the last word CIOUS. I said it a few more times then Casey calmly in a loving manner said, "It says TENACIOUS." It truly was a dumb blonde moment, since I really thought it was in spanish. Since then I have giggled about it and thought it was maybe one of my endearing moments, but I think Casey just wonders even more whose IQ is higher, mine or the tenacious billboard.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Here's my hot hubby!

So Casey is on his way to becoming a producer. A few weeks ago he was working on a project at home and I got this shot of him in his element! Needless to say I am so proud of him and think he's pretty sexy with these headphones on!