Friday, July 25, 2008


While I recognize that the years continue to pass which means I am getting older but I try to keep myself healthy, take my vitamines and still try to dress "hip" but sometimes things happen which just make me wonder how old I really am.
Last week I was straightening up the house and doing it while listening to my ipod with the latest "hip" music and feeling like quite the youngster and then it happened. I try to multi task in all I do and so going downstairs to get the vaccum I had to make sure I had a handful of things to be put away. I was walking down the stairs with a hitch in my young giddie up and then... i fell. it was like my feet just swept out from under me and I landed right on my not so young little bootie and bump, bump, bump I a few more steps to the bottom. i sat there in pain not quite sure if i should cry out of pain or because of the reality of my no longer agil body. after a few moments not quite sure what else to do I started laughing. and as I have reflected on my little "crash" i realize that yes I am 31 years old and i will keep falling down the stairs but i will never stop being "hip" and fabulous!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yep it finally happened

Well Ive been mindful of the fact the I probally should teach my little Emma the "correct" names for her "places" but have been very hesitant since lets be realistic do I really want my four year old walking around saying those words that really make almost anyone cringe to say and so I have been dragging my feet to the inevitable.
Sooo, the other day we were at a delightful picnic with my family. There was laughter, sunshine with a cool breeze, good food and family-it was just a fun filled and fabulous time and then it happened. My nephew, Cole, who is two, clearly was in need of a diaper change. While my sister-in-law began to change him, my curious little Emma walked over to watch. A few moments later my innocent darling little Emma came over and dropped the long awaited bomb by stating, "Momma-Cole has a peanut" and then proceeded to ask all the men in the group if they had peanuts too. Amid the laughter I must admit I was glad my darling little Emma is still walking around calling things peepees and weewees and now peanuts.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

people i think should be shot

As I look around in the world i realize there are a number of people who should be shot. but the number one candidate for this form of making the world a better place is people who make their children have mullets-i mean seriously who first of all actually cuts these kids hair like that on purpose and then second who says after they have done the evil deed, "oh you look so cute" it just seems like a mean trick by the parents for their children to be a source of laughter at family parties.
the other day i was driving past a play ground, the air was filled with childrens' laughter. i was delighted by the sight and then almost ran my car off the road when i saw a boy? girl? with a really long inappropriate you have got to be kidding me mullett. i tried to stop looking but all i could do was stare and wonder who thought that was a good idea to have their son?daughter?(i dont know if it was a boy with or girl since the hair cut isn't really helpful with this confusion) have this aweful demeaning hair style. I want to know who these people are and if they run their fingers through their children's hair and think oh you look so cute, pretty, tough. I just think it is mean and that these people should be shot!