Wednesday, March 26, 2008

top ten things i am grateful for

1. the innocent laughter of my emma bella!
2. that i do not have a perminate uni-brow!
3. the sweet smiles of my hailey kay!
4. who ever invented makeup!
5. my hot and sexy wonderful husband!
6. the hope of my future and the lipo suction/boob job i hope to have!
7. my wonderful friends and family who make life worth living!
8. the moments in my days when I do not have to wear a bra!
9. the anticipation of spring and wearing flip flops every day!
10.that my life is pretty darn wonderful and i realize every day how blessed i am to be so richly blessed and have such great hair and eyelashes!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Please help the dumb girl!

So tonight in my moment of dragging out cali alone time Ive been checking out all your darling blogs and thinking to myself "darn it, I want a cute blog page" so ive sat here thinking and attempting to make things a bit cuter but lets be realistic ive got nothin. and so i am swallowing my pride and asking for all you fabulously darling paged blogger friends to help me on how to make my blog page as sassy as the rest of yours, any help or advice or webmail links or anything will be greatly appreciated and rewarded with lots of thank yous and kisses blown your way! i must warn you all first-i have a tentency to be pretty darn amazing in all i do so don't be suprised if mine turns out better than yours!-just kidding please still do nice things and help me with my blog page!!!

HaPpY EaSteR!

There is just something about Easter. Maybe it is the hope of spring in the air or the delight of children running frantically to find the hidden treasures or maybe it is just all the sugar in my system but I love Eater!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Emma's future plans

Here is our little Emma trying to determine if she wants to be a secret agent or a princess. Im voting for the 007 since I would definately want to borrow her sunglasses!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why I shouldn't be allowed to talk outloud in public

So ive been out of the cyberspace loope for a few days since my computer has been broken and amid those soemwhat blessed days I have been trying to come up with something witty to write and i guess that turning 31 years old has caused a lapse in my charming comments. All i have been able to come up with is why i shouldn't be allowed to talk outloud in public. A few weeks ago I was at church in the back with Hailey. It was fast Sunday and I was feeling like it was just about time for me to bare my testimony since due to my often naughtiness I haven't felt like I wouldnt be inspired by the spirit. Well I took the long walk up to the pulpit. I started saying how I felt about spiritual things always on the verge of tears-since I am a girl, and then I did it. I began ending my testimony and saying things about how I loved President Hinkley etc. then it came out, the innappriopriate comment and reason why I shouldn't be allowed to talk out loud in public. I said, "and I know President Monsen is a prophet even though he looks like Al from Happy Days..." Yep I said that in public, at church, in front of a lot of people. Im not sure why I said it or why I ever say things out loud that are naughty and innappropriate but I do. So in summary for the future if I'm ever with any of you and you notice me heading towards a micraphone or some short of instrument that would allow me to be heard by many people I give all of you permission to stop me whatever it takes!