Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is why we are better then they are!

Preface: I love Casey, I adore Casey! Casey is my hunk o-burnin' love! Casey is wonderful, fabulous and great but sometimes I really wonder how many kids I really have.
So last week started off with Emma waking me up at 1am by crying, "mommma, I just threw up" -sweet words every mother loves to hear in the morning. The following days were filled with lots of throw up clean up, pj's being changed and trying my best to be the greatest mom in America. And my little Emma was a trooper! She didn't cry or complain, just laid on the couch and felt yucky!
And then it moved on to my Hailey. She was about the same, just feeling yucky but no complaining or crying. My week consisted of sweats and ponytails, lots of loads of wash, hand sanitizer and yuckiness.
But then it was Casey's turn to be sick. He was sick like the girls, lots of time not keeping much down but oh my, you would have thought he was dying. Everytime he would finish throwing up there was moaning and I heard more than once-"Oh, oh, I can't take it any more". Now come on, really? I mean I know it stinks being sick and is pretty aweful at times but seriously! I just love my little Casey but this week made me wonder how many children I really have and whose the bigger baby, Casey or Hailey! But this week also made me realize us ladies are a lot stronger, betterer or amazingly wonderful than those men!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thinks im loving but might need to swear about!

So yep it is Autumn and we are loving it. Everyday seems like a picture perfect moment with the brilliant colors changing everywhere and the crisp air-im lovin it! And then there was Halloween. I absolutely adore the fall, especially around Halloween cuz there are tons of fun filled and fabulous things to do like pumpkin patches and Halloween parties-im lovin it. My Emma was a big black cat and Hailey was a dancing elephant. They were darling and then there was trick or treating. We have a fun family tradition that we go to my brother's house and have chili then take the kids trick or treating. Now to preface the remainder of the story, my brother is very intense and competitive, so when we go he makes sure to point out that his kids are running faster than mine to the doors and will last longer getting treats. So this year I was bound to make sure he didn't win the my kids better than your kids contest-im lovin it. As the night began it was business as usual, his kids were running to each door and my little Emma was just delighted to be out enjoying the evening of getting treats! But as the night wore on my brother made it clear that we would be trick or treating until 9pm. Door after door, street after street the night wore on. Emma's adrenalin wore off about an hour into it and mine was out about 10 minutes later but we held out and stuck with it until the magical long awaited 9pm. And so after two and a half hours of trick or treating/whining we went back to my brother's to see the goodies, and to my pure delight Emma had LOTS of candy. Now of course I got first choice on which pieces were "poison"-im lovin it, then Emma started in on her stash. With the days to follow Emma quickly forgot about her "stash" but it was on my mind most of the day and the bag o treats quickly became my breakfast, lunch and dinner. After a few days of chocolate galore, Casey realized what I was doing and hid the candy-not from Emma-oh no, from me. So now I'm back to carrot and lots of water and a daily hunt for the trick or treat stash-might be swearing about it!