Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas seems different

This year thing seem a bit different, while I found myself searching for the perfect gift amid all the Christmas furry I kept thinking 'why in the world do I do this? Even the night before after a few too many family parties and lots of wrapping and a night up until 3am helping Santa get things ready for the next morning, I kept thinking 'for the love'. And then the next morning my little Emma came running into my room to wake us up. Bubbling with excitment to see what Santa had brought and it all came back to me. Memories of when I was little, the anticipation of the Christmas season. Lying there listenting to Emma ramble on and on about what could be waiting upstairs for her and I realize why I did it all. To see Emma's face overwhelmed with pure delight made it all worth it. It all reminded me of how the simplest thing can make a child happy and how their lives are filled with such innocence. Hopefully with this new year I will take the time to watch the simple joy of my girls and learn from their Christlike example.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cali's great influence on Emma!

The truth is that I try to be a good mom and am trying to raise my girls to be classy, graceful, polite-all of the attributes Miss America or a Relief Society president would have, but sometimes I just can't help the not so positve influence I am having on my girls.
My poor influence manifest itself the other day when my darling innocent little Emma Bella was eating breakfast. We had had prayer over our food-GOOD INFLUENCE, and were enjoying our morning breakfast! Emma started getting frustrated and so I asked her what she was so upset about to which she huffed and responded, "This damn waffel is not working". It is true my cute little Emma swore and I just need to say that despite my effort not to laugh I might have almost wet my pants as I laughed at her innocently naughty response! And so we see how I am helping to shape the future Hot Stotts!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Its a Girl!! Hailey Kay Stott!!

Here she is our newest addition! Hailey Kay Stott. She was born October 5th at 2:44pm. Her favoite thing to do is snuggle with her momma and get kisses from Emma Bella and her dad! Needless to say she is darling and we have already had to decline marriage proposals since we feel she isn't quite old enough for those kind of major decisions to be made!!

Waffle house waitress

So I'm not a major boundaries issue person, I mean I've given my fair share of hugs to strangers but sometimes there is a point where the line has just been crossed way too far!
The other day Casey, Emma and I decided we were going to try a new waffle house we had heard was pretty darn delicious. Upon entering we should have known to run away as fast as possible but we decided to be adventurous and see how many times we felt we needed to wash our hands while we were there to avoid contracting some strange disease via the vinyl seating. We were greeted by the hostess who had very big black hair and even bigger glued on eye lashes framed by an excessive amount of odd colored eyeshadow. And to top off her double take of appearance, she was wearing a short short short skirt/shorts with fish net stockings-very appropriate attire for her 50+ age group!
We sat down and scanned the restaurant to see if we could find anyone else in the place who didn't have false teeth or an ACDC tee shirt on one of their six runny nosed children. Finally our waitress came to the table! Preface-we were sitting in a booth, Casey was sitting on one side and I was on the other as far in as I could go-up against the wall-very far away from the edge of the table-really far away from where anyone could or should touch me. Well our waitress greeted us the looked at me. I watched her eyes widen and then in what seemed to be slow motion, reached clear across the table, almost sprawling her body across our already questionable table, and grabbed my great with child stomach. I'm not sure what my face looked like for I was in pure horror at what was happening but she then began rubbing my stomach, and asking questions like, "Is it a girl, when are you due..." Dumbfounded I answered her silly questions while Casey looked on in amazment at the tatooed armed, smokey voiced woman grooping his wife. After what seemed to be a never ending bad movie the moment ended, she got our order and left as if nothing had happened. Clearly speechless from our inconceivable experience there was nothing to do but laugh.
While I felt extremely violated by the inappropriate waffle house waitress it taught me an invaluable lession, when eating at questionable establishments sit near the edge of the table!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Being pregnant and a woman

So for the last eight months I've been trying to decide if God is still mad at Eve and taking it out on all of us ladies, or if he just has a little vendetta with me. Lets talk about being pregnant and why I'm not so sure if God doesn't just dislike women. First of all we get morning sickness, then we get fat, then maybe we get stretch marks or varicose veins, then we maybe have heartburn or swollen feet, and then we get to actually have the baby. I mean really who thought it was a good idea to make a baby come out of something so small. So there are my thoughts on pregnancy case #1. Case #2-being a women. We get to have our monthly miracle-which I know we all love and look forward to, then there is the wearing of bras and high heels, childbirth, nursing, menopause need I go on. And what do men have? The occasional lack of control in their pants? Well my whole argument is that God is still mad at Eve for what happened in the garden and has decided to punish all of women kind. I will let you know if I figure out some positive sides to being a woman that might outweigh the curses!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ahh, the wisdom of children

I am so grateful for the honesty of children and their pure innocence! This past week I was cleaning the bathroom-because I am an amazing housewife, and when I clean the floors I do them on my hands and knees-a bit OCD im sure! So I here I am in my fashion no-no cleaning outfit, with my hair stylishly pinned out of my hair, you can imagine I was a awe inspiring site, plus I smelled like cleaning stuff, plus I had just scrubbed three toilets plus I was on my hands and knees cleaning yet another bathroom floor, when my darling little Emma comes in behind me pauses for a moment and says, "Momma, you have a big bootie". You can imagine my supriese at her comment and at that moment I didn't know if I should cry or laugh. Since then I have checked out my bootie and yes indeed it is big, in fact I am not sure if it surpasses my pregnant tummy at this point-if not they are a close tie. But what I have realized from my big bootie moment with Emma is that I can always count on her to be honest. For sure from now on she is approving all my outfits and hairstyles!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Start your engines...

In an attempt to continue being "cool" I have decided to get a blog so that people can check on me often and see what ridiculous comments I have to make about life. And so it begins. While I may not be very good at calling anyone back or even emailing I will now attempt to be a superblogger to make your lives full of laughter and joy, it is a sacrafice I am willing to make that I might make the world a better place through my wittiness. Hopefully I am able to fulfill all your anticipations but will probally surpass what you could have very expected!