Sunday, May 18, 2008

hailey lovin bath time

Hailey is discovering water and how much she loves it. Any time she hears it running she is instantly hypnotized and when she is in it she is delighted by the splashing. Needless to say I am delighted since i always wanted to be a mermaid when i was little and started swimming when i was five. so hopefully my girls love the water as much as i do!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

i will not be defeated

So i decided that it is time for me to get off my big bootie and get back to the gym so i can not only get rid of my relief society arms but also be in shape to run after hailey as soon as she starts walking-yikes.
And so i bought a new gym membership last night, got up early today, put on my not so hot momma work out clothes, pinned back my hair and was off to the gym. I put in my time-spent and hour and a half at the gym, doin' my cardio and then my strength training and sweating like a man. So i come home and eat a healthy breakfast, drink lots of water and am feeling good about myself and my efforts to get back on the hot mom track and then she does it. My darling little emma who is always so observant says as im taking another gulp of my daily dose of water, "mom your tummy looks like there is a baby in there". Are you servious? I felt shocked and defeated as if all my good works for the day were ruined. But just as i went to grab a bowl for my emotional crisis ice cream eating binge, her words rang through my ears. So i put down the big ice cream spoon, had another swig of water and ran into my room to do a million sit ups. I have decided that while I am not in the size zero i expect to be someday i will not be defeated by the innocent remarks of a child but will let those harsh words echo in my head and be my motivator for putting the chocolate fattening yumminess down and running to the nearest healthy get me thin foods!