Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yep Im one of those...

So since I can remember my family has been big BYU football fans. I grew up with a brother who is very athletic and competative and it has only gotten worse over the years. While I adore my brother he is that guy at the games who you kindof want to punch because he is yelling so much, believing that the players and referees are actually hearing his outrageous words of "advise". He has gotten in a number of yellng matches and fights over his beloved BYU cougars and I must admit at times I am a bit embarrassed by his enthuasium.
And then it happened. My little Emma had her first soccer game. Mind you she is only four and so she is playing that kind of soccer when they all just run around and chase the ball. There is always a girl who is sitting down on the field picking flowers or making a castle out of the dirt and there is lots of falling down and grabbing the soccer ball with their hands. At this age it is just fun, who cares who wins or scores the goal, we are all on a team here to just have fun. But oh no, not to me. As soon as the ball is kicked off Im standing up yelling at Emma to get the ball, to run faster, to kick it hard etc. etc. etc. It isn't until half time that I realize I am becoming hoarse from all my "parental support". I vow to try and calm down since afterall they are only four and for goodness sake this is fun not competative. But then they start the second quarter and Im out of my seat again, yelling and jumping, unable to contain my "cheering". By the end of the game I am more tired than Emma and as I sat in my seat I took a deep breath and realized I am one of those people who you want to sit down and stop shouting-a bit annoying but in my world lets just call it lovingly enthuastic.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Somethings just make me grouchy!

Somethings just make me grouchy and wanting to punch people in the kneecaps and today it just happens to be hairstylists-except for my darling cousin Summer! This is what I think-you go to your hair lady/man and say hey here is what I want whither it be a different color or a new cut and then you completely surrender to them. Some person with scissors and chemicals to do whatever they want despite your opinion and you just hope that they heard what you said. I wonder if they realize the power that they have to transform you into a beauty queen super hotty or and ugliness with bad hair. And so yes there is a story to go along with my grouchiness. I went to my hair lady the other day-the lady I have been going to for eight years. And I have gotten to the point of almost complete trust to the point where I will tell her what I think and then will say "but whatever you think, I trust you". And so we had a similar conversation this last week as I sat in her beauti/uglifier chair and I told her I just needed a little trim and reshaping since my hair was starting to look like a grown out mane rather than a hip hot momma hair cut. She ran her hands through it briefly and washed it and then we were back in the chair and she started to work her magic? Now let me just say I have had my fair share of bad haircuts and whenever I am in "the chair" there is a bit of anxiety as I fear that this might be one of those bad hair cut moments again. And so I sat there with my bit of anxiety but anticipation that I would walk out a hot mamma again. So the snipping began and my hair began to fall on my lap and I felt the anxiety increase as saw how much hair was being cut, did I really have that much lenght to cut off? I watched as she just kept snipping and then it was done. She asked me to run my hands through it and make sure it felt okay and as I did I wanted to say "no it doesn't feel okay I have no hair". I walked out in sorrow knowing for the next few weeks I would have to look like a boy with big boosoms but I will bare it well knowing at least I have nice earlobes and awfully great eyelashes!