Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas seems different

This year thing seem a bit different, while I found myself searching for the perfect gift amid all the Christmas furry I kept thinking 'why in the world do I do this? Even the night before after a few too many family parties and lots of wrapping and a night up until 3am helping Santa get things ready for the next morning, I kept thinking 'for the love'. And then the next morning my little Emma came running into my room to wake us up. Bubbling with excitment to see what Santa had brought and it all came back to me. Memories of when I was little, the anticipation of the Christmas season. Lying there listenting to Emma ramble on and on about what could be waiting upstairs for her and I realize why I did it all. To see Emma's face overwhelmed with pure delight made it all worth it. It all reminded me of how the simplest thing can make a child happy and how their lives are filled with such innocence. Hopefully with this new year I will take the time to watch the simple joy of my girls and learn from their Christlike example.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cali's great influence on Emma!

The truth is that I try to be a good mom and am trying to raise my girls to be classy, graceful, polite-all of the attributes Miss America or a Relief Society president would have, but sometimes I just can't help the not so positve influence I am having on my girls.
My poor influence manifest itself the other day when my darling innocent little Emma Bella was eating breakfast. We had had prayer over our food-GOOD INFLUENCE, and were enjoying our morning breakfast! Emma started getting frustrated and so I asked her what she was so upset about to which she huffed and responded, "This damn waffel is not working". It is true my cute little Emma swore and I just need to say that despite my effort not to laugh I might have almost wet my pants as I laughed at her innocently naughty response! And so we see how I am helping to shape the future Hot Stotts!