Friday, December 5, 2008

YeAh mE!

So i dont claim to be a big work out queen but ever since my car accident I have wanted to run in a race. Im sure it is because of all my broken bones and the fact that my doctors all told me i could never run again, that i always felt sad and grouchy that there was something i could never do. a few months ago i was on a walk and i decided i was going to try running, now preface-i havent run for seven years and anytime i tried i was in agonizing pain and i had to stop after a few steps. so i started running thinking it would end up the same way, but as i kept running i didn't have any pain. it was the greatest thrill and i decided i would try running again. day after day i ran and while my body had a few achey moments i kept going. one weekend my brother in law suggested a 5k and i decided i was going to do it and began training. now i know a 5k really isnt that far but well on Thanksgiving day i did it, i ran my first 5k! so yep im bragging, i ran a 5k and its a big deal and reason for me to celebrate lots and lots because i got hit by a car and was not supposed to run ever again! thanks for letting me have my moment!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is why we are better then they are!

Preface: I love Casey, I adore Casey! Casey is my hunk o-burnin' love! Casey is wonderful, fabulous and great but sometimes I really wonder how many kids I really have.
So last week started off with Emma waking me up at 1am by crying, "mommma, I just threw up" -sweet words every mother loves to hear in the morning. The following days were filled with lots of throw up clean up, pj's being changed and trying my best to be the greatest mom in America. And my little Emma was a trooper! She didn't cry or complain, just laid on the couch and felt yucky!
And then it moved on to my Hailey. She was about the same, just feeling yucky but no complaining or crying. My week consisted of sweats and ponytails, lots of loads of wash, hand sanitizer and yuckiness.
But then it was Casey's turn to be sick. He was sick like the girls, lots of time not keeping much down but oh my, you would have thought he was dying. Everytime he would finish throwing up there was moaning and I heard more than once-"Oh, oh, I can't take it any more". Now come on, really? I mean I know it stinks being sick and is pretty aweful at times but seriously! I just love my little Casey but this week made me wonder how many children I really have and whose the bigger baby, Casey or Hailey! But this week also made me realize us ladies are a lot stronger, betterer or amazingly wonderful than those men!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thinks im loving but might need to swear about!

So yep it is Autumn and we are loving it. Everyday seems like a picture perfect moment with the brilliant colors changing everywhere and the crisp air-im lovin it! And then there was Halloween. I absolutely adore the fall, especially around Halloween cuz there are tons of fun filled and fabulous things to do like pumpkin patches and Halloween parties-im lovin it. My Emma was a big black cat and Hailey was a dancing elephant. They were darling and then there was trick or treating. We have a fun family tradition that we go to my brother's house and have chili then take the kids trick or treating. Now to preface the remainder of the story, my brother is very intense and competitive, so when we go he makes sure to point out that his kids are running faster than mine to the doors and will last longer getting treats. So this year I was bound to make sure he didn't win the my kids better than your kids contest-im lovin it. As the night began it was business as usual, his kids were running to each door and my little Emma was just delighted to be out enjoying the evening of getting treats! But as the night wore on my brother made it clear that we would be trick or treating until 9pm. Door after door, street after street the night wore on. Emma's adrenalin wore off about an hour into it and mine was out about 10 minutes later but we held out and stuck with it until the magical long awaited 9pm. And so after two and a half hours of trick or treating/whining we went back to my brother's to see the goodies, and to my pure delight Emma had LOTS of candy. Now of course I got first choice on which pieces were "poison"-im lovin it, then Emma started in on her stash. With the days to follow Emma quickly forgot about her "stash" but it was on my mind most of the day and the bag o treats quickly became my breakfast, lunch and dinner. After a few days of chocolate galore, Casey realized what I was doing and hid the candy-not from Emma-oh no, from me. So now I'm back to carrot and lots of water and a daily hunt for the trick or treat stash-might be swearing about it!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A week of Firsts!

This past week was filled with lots of Firsts! We went on our First trip back east and had lots of First experiences. It was Hailey's First plane trip which was tons of fun since the Benadryl had an opposite affect and she was hyperactive, no napping! Then we were off to NY where we had our First subway ride-we didn't even get mugged. We had our First stroll through central park and basked in the lights of Time Square. We had our First view of New York from the Empire State building. Next we were off to Virginia where we went to our First Pumpkin patch, where we went through our First corn maze, Hailey interacted with her first goat who tried to eat her sweater, we played in our first sand box filled with corn! And in DC we went to our First patriotic moments visiting the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington memorial, the reflection pond and the White House-where i tried to see how far I could get over the fence before I got shot! All in all it was a fabulous trip full of fabulous Firsts in amazing places!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Three things I am absolutely in love with

Lets face it we all have to have a few things we are just absolutely in love with besides our darling kids and hunky husbands. And so I have recently fallen in love with a few things that maybe you should too since lets face it Im pretty darn fabulous and basically what I say and think is pretty much the greatest!
1. I am absolutely in love with those yummy Rocky Mountain carmel apples! Are you kidding me, who in the world thought of that and then decided to spice it up with cinnamon and more yumminess. I keep telling myself it is okay that I just ate a whole one all by myself since it was a whole apple so I figure it cancells out the chocolate and carmel and sugar galore yumminess.
2. I am absolutely in love with Sarah Palin. Now let me just explain before everyone thinks Im getting all political since really I can only stand about 5 minutes of anything news like. I love her hair, her glasses, that she is a mom and a pretty hot one too and that she doesn't let the men intimidate her. Im just proud to see a woman taking charge in a dress and heals with great hair!
3. I am absolutely in love with those darn Twilight books. Yep I have joined the naughtiness and become incaptivated by the Twilight. I have to monitor myself by saying I have to go to bed by 11pm, and I have to read my scriptures first and I have to remember to eat and I have to get at least one thing on my list done, but embarrassingly I am on the countdown for the movie band wagon. Yep I cried when Edward and Bella broke up and I have watched the trailer for the movie more than once and been like a giggly teenager. So yep thanks Stephanie Myers-you got me.
So there it is things I am absolutely in love with!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lets talk about bowling...

So this last weekend we took the girls bowling and while it was delightful it was once again a reminder that I will never be a superstar bowler. Yes it is true I try with all my heart to be good but for some reason I just can't do bowl. I studied the amazing grace and ease of the bowlers around me and then tried to implement what I had seen with no avail. While I will continue to work on my bowling skills I think it says a lot that Emma and I were tied most of the game. Yep she is four years old.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yep Im one of those...

So since I can remember my family has been big BYU football fans. I grew up with a brother who is very athletic and competative and it has only gotten worse over the years. While I adore my brother he is that guy at the games who you kindof want to punch because he is yelling so much, believing that the players and referees are actually hearing his outrageous words of "advise". He has gotten in a number of yellng matches and fights over his beloved BYU cougars and I must admit at times I am a bit embarrassed by his enthuasium.
And then it happened. My little Emma had her first soccer game. Mind you she is only four and so she is playing that kind of soccer when they all just run around and chase the ball. There is always a girl who is sitting down on the field picking flowers or making a castle out of the dirt and there is lots of falling down and grabbing the soccer ball with their hands. At this age it is just fun, who cares who wins or scores the goal, we are all on a team here to just have fun. But oh no, not to me. As soon as the ball is kicked off Im standing up yelling at Emma to get the ball, to run faster, to kick it hard etc. etc. etc. It isn't until half time that I realize I am becoming hoarse from all my "parental support". I vow to try and calm down since afterall they are only four and for goodness sake this is fun not competative. But then they start the second quarter and Im out of my seat again, yelling and jumping, unable to contain my "cheering". By the end of the game I am more tired than Emma and as I sat in my seat I took a deep breath and realized I am one of those people who you want to sit down and stop shouting-a bit annoying but in my world lets just call it lovingly enthuastic.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Somethings just make me grouchy!

Somethings just make me grouchy and wanting to punch people in the kneecaps and today it just happens to be hairstylists-except for my darling cousin Summer! This is what I think-you go to your hair lady/man and say hey here is what I want whither it be a different color or a new cut and then you completely surrender to them. Some person with scissors and chemicals to do whatever they want despite your opinion and you just hope that they heard what you said. I wonder if they realize the power that they have to transform you into a beauty queen super hotty or and ugliness with bad hair. And so yes there is a story to go along with my grouchiness. I went to my hair lady the other day-the lady I have been going to for eight years. And I have gotten to the point of almost complete trust to the point where I will tell her what I think and then will say "but whatever you think, I trust you". And so we had a similar conversation this last week as I sat in her beauti/uglifier chair and I told her I just needed a little trim and reshaping since my hair was starting to look like a grown out mane rather than a hip hot momma hair cut. She ran her hands through it briefly and washed it and then we were back in the chair and she started to work her magic? Now let me just say I have had my fair share of bad haircuts and whenever I am in "the chair" there is a bit of anxiety as I fear that this might be one of those bad hair cut moments again. And so I sat there with my bit of anxiety but anticipation that I would walk out a hot mamma again. So the snipping began and my hair began to fall on my lap and I felt the anxiety increase as saw how much hair was being cut, did I really have that much lenght to cut off? I watched as she just kept snipping and then it was done. She asked me to run my hands through it and make sure it felt okay and as I did I wanted to say "no it doesn't feel okay I have no hair". I walked out in sorrow knowing for the next few weeks I would have to look like a boy with big boosoms but I will bare it well knowing at least I have nice earlobes and awfully great eyelashes!

Friday, July 25, 2008


While I recognize that the years continue to pass which means I am getting older but I try to keep myself healthy, take my vitamines and still try to dress "hip" but sometimes things happen which just make me wonder how old I really am.
Last week I was straightening up the house and doing it while listening to my ipod with the latest "hip" music and feeling like quite the youngster and then it happened. I try to multi task in all I do and so going downstairs to get the vaccum I had to make sure I had a handful of things to be put away. I was walking down the stairs with a hitch in my young giddie up and then... i fell. it was like my feet just swept out from under me and I landed right on my not so young little bootie and bump, bump, bump I a few more steps to the bottom. i sat there in pain not quite sure if i should cry out of pain or because of the reality of my no longer agil body. after a few moments not quite sure what else to do I started laughing. and as I have reflected on my little "crash" i realize that yes I am 31 years old and i will keep falling down the stairs but i will never stop being "hip" and fabulous!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yep it finally happened

Well Ive been mindful of the fact the I probally should teach my little Emma the "correct" names for her "places" but have been very hesitant since lets be realistic do I really want my four year old walking around saying those words that really make almost anyone cringe to say and so I have been dragging my feet to the inevitable.
Sooo, the other day we were at a delightful picnic with my family. There was laughter, sunshine with a cool breeze, good food and family-it was just a fun filled and fabulous time and then it happened. My nephew, Cole, who is two, clearly was in need of a diaper change. While my sister-in-law began to change him, my curious little Emma walked over to watch. A few moments later my innocent darling little Emma came over and dropped the long awaited bomb by stating, "Momma-Cole has a peanut" and then proceeded to ask all the men in the group if they had peanuts too. Amid the laughter I must admit I was glad my darling little Emma is still walking around calling things peepees and weewees and now peanuts.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

people i think should be shot

As I look around in the world i realize there are a number of people who should be shot. but the number one candidate for this form of making the world a better place is people who make their children have mullets-i mean seriously who first of all actually cuts these kids hair like that on purpose and then second who says after they have done the evil deed, "oh you look so cute" it just seems like a mean trick by the parents for their children to be a source of laughter at family parties.
the other day i was driving past a play ground, the air was filled with childrens' laughter. i was delighted by the sight and then almost ran my car off the road when i saw a boy? girl? with a really long inappropriate you have got to be kidding me mullett. i tried to stop looking but all i could do was stare and wonder who thought that was a good idea to have their son?daughter?(i dont know if it was a boy with or girl since the hair cut isn't really helpful with this confusion) have this aweful demeaning hair style. I want to know who these people are and if they run their fingers through their children's hair and think oh you look so cute, pretty, tough. I just think it is mean and that these people should be shot!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

this weekend...

casey turned 29 years old
emma learned about grafitti
i continue to be the greatest mom in american
hailey had her first swing ride

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Casey's Fun with Facial Hair

Casey decided to spice up our lives by having a few days of Fun with Facial Hair. While it had many monents of giggles it didn't exactly spice up our lives as Im not exactly attracted to mountain man/cowboys with porn mustaches. I sure do love him anyway!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Men and Sports

So I'm just wondering what is going on with men and sports. I grew up with a father who is a true blue BYU fan but he's never been a yeller. My brother on the other had is quite the shouter and attempts to get in fights at most athletic events-especially when it is between BYU and the Utes. And then there is my darling Casey. He is a somewhat quite man, not outspoken or by any means a shouter but when the TV is on and there is a sports event he becomes a different man. There is loud clapping, shouting at referres and players, occasional semi swear words. And I sit there watching wondering-Do you think they can hear you, if you clap louder do you think they will play better. I mean seriously when was the last time you were watching a "chick flick" and you started clapping loudly when the girl got her knight in shinning armor or shouted at the TV when Dr. McDreamy didn't run after Meridith on Grey's Anatomy. Im just wondering what it is with men and sports and why they act so shall we say "crazy" when there is a sports event on? I don't know the answer but for sure next time Im watching one of "my" shows I'm trying the "reaction" and see if it makes my television experience more exciting!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

hailey lovin bath time

Hailey is discovering water and how much she loves it. Any time she hears it running she is instantly hypnotized and when she is in it she is delighted by the splashing. Needless to say I am delighted since i always wanted to be a mermaid when i was little and started swimming when i was five. so hopefully my girls love the water as much as i do!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

i will not be defeated

So i decided that it is time for me to get off my big bootie and get back to the gym so i can not only get rid of my relief society arms but also be in shape to run after hailey as soon as she starts walking-yikes.
And so i bought a new gym membership last night, got up early today, put on my not so hot momma work out clothes, pinned back my hair and was off to the gym. I put in my time-spent and hour and a half at the gym, doin' my cardio and then my strength training and sweating like a man. So i come home and eat a healthy breakfast, drink lots of water and am feeling good about myself and my efforts to get back on the hot mom track and then she does it. My darling little emma who is always so observant says as im taking another gulp of my daily dose of water, "mom your tummy looks like there is a baby in there". Are you servious? I felt shocked and defeated as if all my good works for the day were ruined. But just as i went to grab a bowl for my emotional crisis ice cream eating binge, her words rang through my ears. So i put down the big ice cream spoon, had another swig of water and ran into my room to do a million sit ups. I have decided that while I am not in the size zero i expect to be someday i will not be defeated by the innocent remarks of a child but will let those harsh words echo in my head and be my motivator for putting the chocolate fattening yumminess down and running to the nearest healthy get me thin foods!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

a more perfect world

Lately it has come to my attention that many breathtakingly beautiful women are not only drop dead georgous, but they are tall, have perfect hair that blows perfectly in the wind, sikly soft sunkissed skin and are skinny. And so what i have decided is that no one is allowed to have it all. Either you get to be short and breathtakingly beautiful with perfect hair or you get to be tall and skinny with sunkissed skin and ugly. It just doesnt seem fair that some of you ladies get it all while the rest of us only get some of the good attributes. I have decided to make this a matter which will be someday presented to someone who might be able to do something about my dilema and make the world more equally distributed in perfect attributes. In the mean time I plan to simply keep adding more masscarra to my long lashes, brushing my hair every night at least 100 times, wearing the highest heals possible and practice having my hair blow perfectly in the wind with my blow dryer! And for those of you reading this who do fit the perfect description above- i love you but grrr!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A photo update

We love sushi with my hot cousin Summer!
Emma dressing up with her darling cousins!
and Hailey sitting up and eating big kid food!

Friday, April 11, 2008

about me...

i know im a pretty funny lady but sometimes there are things that i can be serious about. i know you all know about my car accident a few years ago, it is something ive often joked about stating it is the reason for my silly? witty? inappropriateness. in reality my accident was one of the most sacred, amazing experiences of my life and lately ive been feeling like i should be more because of it.
after it happened everyone said, 'you must have been saved for a reason, you must have something important to do here' and i found myself asking, why? why didn't i die? why am i not more damaged? what is it that i was saved for? i remember when i woke up in the icu after being life flighted to LDS hospital feeling the spirit stronger than i had ever felt in my life. throughout the days and weeks that followed i continued to feel it but gradually it dimmed as the moments passed. i remember saying to myself that i never wanted to loose that feeling, to never do anything to loose it and yet i sit here now remembering those moments and know i have lost so much of the almost overpowering spirit i once felt during those precious moments a few years ago back in the hospital.
i feel so blessed to have had this incredible experience but am saddened that i have not let it shape me into more of the person i know Heavenly Father wants me to be. i am sad that i have let that light dim rather than doing all i can to ensure it is with me every moment of every day! i know that it wasn't my time to go back home to our Heavenly Father but as i think about the precious moments i have been given since then and all the moments i still hope to have, i hope that i can live a little better, remembering the gift i have been given and be worthy to say when i do finally go home, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith."
i guess as i reflect on it all maybe i wasn't saved for some big amazing reason like being relief socitey president of america but rather simply to take deep breaths of the moments i still have and try to be a better me, to raise my girls to be incredible daughters of our Heavenly Father and help keep Casey out of trouble. hopefully none of you have to go through getting hit by a car yuckiness to see how precious yet fragile each moment is and how blessed we are for each day to try to be a little better!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

top ten things i am grateful for

1. the innocent laughter of my emma bella!
2. that i do not have a perminate uni-brow!
3. the sweet smiles of my hailey kay!
4. who ever invented makeup!
5. my hot and sexy wonderful husband!
6. the hope of my future and the lipo suction/boob job i hope to have!
7. my wonderful friends and family who make life worth living!
8. the moments in my days when I do not have to wear a bra!
9. the anticipation of spring and wearing flip flops every day!
10.that my life is pretty darn wonderful and i realize every day how blessed i am to be so richly blessed and have such great hair and eyelashes!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Please help the dumb girl!

So tonight in my moment of dragging out cali alone time Ive been checking out all your darling blogs and thinking to myself "darn it, I want a cute blog page" so ive sat here thinking and attempting to make things a bit cuter but lets be realistic ive got nothin. and so i am swallowing my pride and asking for all you fabulously darling paged blogger friends to help me on how to make my blog page as sassy as the rest of yours, any help or advice or webmail links or anything will be greatly appreciated and rewarded with lots of thank yous and kisses blown your way! i must warn you all first-i have a tentency to be pretty darn amazing in all i do so don't be suprised if mine turns out better than yours!-just kidding please still do nice things and help me with my blog page!!!

HaPpY EaSteR!

There is just something about Easter. Maybe it is the hope of spring in the air or the delight of children running frantically to find the hidden treasures or maybe it is just all the sugar in my system but I love Eater!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Emma's future plans

Here is our little Emma trying to determine if she wants to be a secret agent or a princess. Im voting for the 007 since I would definately want to borrow her sunglasses!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why I shouldn't be allowed to talk outloud in public

So ive been out of the cyberspace loope for a few days since my computer has been broken and amid those soemwhat blessed days I have been trying to come up with something witty to write and i guess that turning 31 years old has caused a lapse in my charming comments. All i have been able to come up with is why i shouldn't be allowed to talk outloud in public. A few weeks ago I was at church in the back with Hailey. It was fast Sunday and I was feeling like it was just about time for me to bare my testimony since due to my often naughtiness I haven't felt like I wouldnt be inspired by the spirit. Well I took the long walk up to the pulpit. I started saying how I felt about spiritual things always on the verge of tears-since I am a girl, and then I did it. I began ending my testimony and saying things about how I loved President Hinkley etc. then it came out, the innappriopriate comment and reason why I shouldn't be allowed to talk out loud in public. I said, "and I know President Monsen is a prophet even though he looks like Al from Happy Days..." Yep I said that in public, at church, in front of a lot of people. Im not sure why I said it or why I ever say things out loud that are naughty and innappropriate but I do. So in summary for the future if I'm ever with any of you and you notice me heading towards a micraphone or some short of instrument that would allow me to be heard by many people I give all of you permission to stop me whatever it takes!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I am smart!

So the thing is is that while I may have a college degree and have read many books and written lots of papers and taken many tests and did pretty well in my classes, sometimes Im not all that smart. Casey on the other had is very smart and would win lots of money on Jepordy, his intelligence is a bit dorky but endearing to me. Well my intelligence revealed itself last night as we were driving through the west part of Salt Lake. Not to be sterotyping but most of the billboards on that side of the railroad tracks are in spanish and I happened to notice one. In an attempt to show off my bilangual skills began reading it out loud and attempted to translate it.
You see, I did take four years of spanish in high school, my dad and brother both speak spanish as well as a large part of the population where I grew up, and so I kindof speak spanish-sort of.
Well the bilboard had a picture of a man and said in bold letters just like this: TE.NA.CIOUS. I began saying the words out loud in my white girl spanish accent. I said it over and over again, translating it in my head but got frustrated by my inability to pronounce or translate the last word CIOUS. I said it a few more times then Casey calmly in a loving manner said, "It says TENACIOUS." It truly was a dumb blonde moment, since I really thought it was in spanish. Since then I have giggled about it and thought it was maybe one of my endearing moments, but I think Casey just wonders even more whose IQ is higher, mine or the tenacious billboard.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Here's my hot hubby!

So Casey is on his way to becoming a producer. A few weeks ago he was working on a project at home and I got this shot of him in his element! Needless to say I am so proud of him and think he's pretty sexy with these headphones on!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Its true good lookin people make good lookin kids!

I never imagined I could love somehone so much. My girls are absolutely my best friends and my favorite people to be with. Emma's funny comments and Haileys sweet giggles and smiles make everyday full of fabulousness. I love my girls and can't wait to see what this year will bring with the both of them.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Why men should not talk outloud!

So since our darling little bundle of joy was born I have been occasionally stepping on the scale to see how much weight I need to loose to be back to my pre-baby, pre- eating lots of chocolate at every meal and inbetween, pre- my bootie is so big I need hazard lights when i walk, self. It has been something on my mind since I stepped out of the hospital after having Hailey ive thought, "kay i gotta loose weight, put down the yumminess and start eating carrots." And so with the new year the resolution to thin has begun. Ive been drinking lots of water which results in excessive visits to the ladies room, eating more fruits and vegetables than i thought were humanly possible and running from chocolate whenever possible-okay maybe just jogging or walking quickly. My diet journey is a constant battle not to breakdown and eat the whole chocolate cake instead of just a crumb, and then he does it, my love, the man of my dreams, my eternal companion reminds me once again my men should have a monitor to help them with the things that come out of their mouth. My darling Casey is getting ready for the day and he steps on the scale. im sitting on the bed thinking about all the food i don't get to eat that day and he says, "hey, i lost 5 pounds over the weekend, and I didn't even try." i don't quite know how to explain my emotions, their might have been a bit of rage and desire to kick him hardly in the knee caps or shout some mean thing about his love handles, but I refrained in a mature adult like manner. His words have rung through my ears since that moment and I have thought to myself, 'someday those words will escape my mouth too and i will leap for joy naked through out the house and possibly the neighborhood in celebration of my sucessful journey towards being one hot mamma!"