Friday, July 25, 2008


While I recognize that the years continue to pass which means I am getting older but I try to keep myself healthy, take my vitamines and still try to dress "hip" but sometimes things happen which just make me wonder how old I really am.
Last week I was straightening up the house and doing it while listening to my ipod with the latest "hip" music and feeling like quite the youngster and then it happened. I try to multi task in all I do and so going downstairs to get the vaccum I had to make sure I had a handful of things to be put away. I was walking down the stairs with a hitch in my young giddie up and then... i fell. it was like my feet just swept out from under me and I landed right on my not so young little bootie and bump, bump, bump I a few more steps to the bottom. i sat there in pain not quite sure if i should cry out of pain or because of the reality of my no longer agil body. after a few moments not quite sure what else to do I started laughing. and as I have reflected on my little "crash" i realize that yes I am 31 years old and i will keep falling down the stairs but i will never stop being "hip" and fabulous!


mom/caryn said...

Well.. you may have slipped and fallen down a few stairs on your tushie. But, I bet you did in in STYLE!!

Aging? You think 31 is aging?! ha ha hahaha haha ha..ahhhhhh..ha ha ha hahaha. That's absolutely hysterical, Cali! You're still limber enough to reach down and pick up a toddler...have enough endurance to chase a couple of them around all day...have some firm spots on your body and all your hair. You have at least some idea of what music is current, what movies are out and where a fun place to go out to dinner is located.

You've got 25 years to go before you can even begin to wonder what aging might feel like! And, for the record... it does have a couple of real upsides to it!

67 and still wearing some cute stuff abd dancing on the lawn now and then. (Sometimes I dance alone, sometimes with my hubby) but always with enthusiasm.

m@R(! said...

It is will ALWAYS be hip and fabulous no matter what your age is!

Carrie and Shane said...

I don't think falling down the stairs is a sign you're getting old. I've been doing it since I was a youngster.

Chandi said...

I am with my mom. 31 is not old or aging. I know because I'm 31.

I love your attitude on life. It is truly joyful.