Tuesday, July 1, 2008

people i think should be shot

As I look around in the world i realize there are a number of people who should be shot. but the number one candidate for this form of making the world a better place is people who make their children have mullets-i mean seriously who first of all actually cuts these kids hair like that on purpose and then second who says after they have done the evil deed, "oh you look so cute" it just seems like a mean trick by the parents for their children to be a source of laughter at family parties.
the other day i was driving past a play ground, the air was filled with childrens' laughter. i was delighted by the sight and then almost ran my car off the road when i saw a boy? girl? with a really long inappropriate you have got to be kidding me mullett. i tried to stop looking but all i could do was stare and wonder who thought that was a good idea to have their son?daughter?(i dont know if it was a boy with or girl since the hair cut isn't really helpful with this confusion) have this aweful demeaning hair style. I want to know who these people are and if they run their fingers through their children's hair and think oh you look so cute, pretty, tough. I just think it is mean and that these people should be shot!


mom/caryn said...

Are you recommending they be shot with BB Guns, high powered rifles, out of a cannon, with rubber bands, water pistols, or spray paint?

At the very least, they should have to sit in the same barber chair, get the same BUTT UGLY hair cut, and be made to march in every parade in a two hundred mile radius wearing knee high boots that are too small, and twirling very large, well lit, and utterly HEAVY, fire batons!

It would be even sweeter if they had to high step it in front of every snooty "fashionista" in the country who would be armed with buckets of extremely over-ripe tomatoes to be used however they may think best.

I'm not a parade lover... but, I might even get up at the entirely unreasonable hours required to watch small town parades, to see that particular spectacle.

Not only is that hair cut beyond wierd... it's so outdated. Kinda like a "ducktail" and the over teased, over sprayed "flip" of the fifties. YUK!!!

Jade said...

I really appreciate you passion on the matter. I am wondering if you will do a post on midgets?

debra said...

I've been meaning to comment on this post forever, but it makes me vomit in my mouth a little every time I think about what you witnessed! FOR THE LOVE PEOPLE! A guy in my ward whom I dubbed Bro. Mullet (original, huh) cut his "party in the back" off a few months ago and I priased him up and down and left and right for doing so! He use to TUCK IT IN to his shirt collar and I had frequent heart palpitations thinking that it was cut, and then he'd whip it out. So nasty!

I say we go on a Mullet hunt and break into peoples homes and start lopping them off--- ooh, great idea! We can be like Edward Scissor Hands!

And I agree with the person above, you need to do a midget post... mostly because I'm too afraid to! I'll help contribute if needed.

BUT BEFORE THAT- YOU MUST POST THE ONE WE DISCUSSED LAST NIGHT. The people need to hear it--- ALL OF IT! I'm waiting impatiently, just so you know.

Terra Zobrist said...

Cali, I am so excited that you have a blog. I haven't seen or heard from you forever! I saw your blog link on Spencer's. I didn't even know that you were married and you have 2 kids.
I still laugh about the zany things you did and said when we were roomies (such as "I'll take a Mexican pizza hold the Mexican please"). Your blog is totally you: funny and entertaining!

Ownah said...

Good for people to know.