Sunday, November 8, 2009

halloween 2009

this year we had our annual tradition of going to my brother's house, filling up on chili then off for too may hours of trick or treating. while i am grateful for the bags full of candy that i can eat for months and months after it is always a bit trying when my brother is saying "lets see whose kids can last the longest. and Oh look how much faster my kids are running to the doors" ive learned to deal with the inappropriate competitiveness of the night and was glad this year the whining and crying made us turn in early.
emma deputed as wonder woman-the greatest super hero of all and hailey was a mermaid. i came as a disco diva with a really great afro and casey came as casey. fall is my favorite season of all and its even better with my girls!!!

my moment of fame!

this fall i was in a wedding expo with some great exposure on TV and radio and so i had my 10 seconds of fame on fox 13 with the big Buddha. we did his makeup for the morning show and had ton of fun with it while freezing our buns off at 6am but worth it to see how fabulous i look on tv!!!

fall trip!

every year we go to the blessed california! usually we go in the summer so we can spend most of our quality time at the beach, but this year casey decided we needed to spend the majority of the time at amusement parks. so after two days of good old family driving with fighting, crying and whining we finally arrived at home-in California!!! first day we went to sea world. day two disneyland, day three beach, day four disneyland, day five sea world. while it was fun filled and fabulous it was time to go home by then end. note to self-always fly and more days at beach!!!!

am i really this old?

well this september emma started big kid school as a kindergartner. it was bitter sweet as i realized she was growing up which also meant i am getting older. all in one week my emma entered the big kid world, hailey got her first haircut, i learned about back to school night and joined the PTA-although i vow not to help with a bake off!!!
emma delightedly entered this new stage of life while i drove away and wondered can i really be this old. i still try to be a hip young mom but am realizing time goes by and before you know it your having "the talk" with you kids, they are getting their drivers license and going on dates then off to college and married with their own kids. needless to say the first day of school was a bit more traumatic for me then anyone else in the family.