Sunday, April 27, 2008

a more perfect world

Lately it has come to my attention that many breathtakingly beautiful women are not only drop dead georgous, but they are tall, have perfect hair that blows perfectly in the wind, sikly soft sunkissed skin and are skinny. And so what i have decided is that no one is allowed to have it all. Either you get to be short and breathtakingly beautiful with perfect hair or you get to be tall and skinny with sunkissed skin and ugly. It just doesnt seem fair that some of you ladies get it all while the rest of us only get some of the good attributes. I have decided to make this a matter which will be someday presented to someone who might be able to do something about my dilema and make the world more equally distributed in perfect attributes. In the mean time I plan to simply keep adding more masscarra to my long lashes, brushing my hair every night at least 100 times, wearing the highest heals possible and practice having my hair blow perfectly in the wind with my blow dryer! And for those of you reading this who do fit the perfect description above- i love you but grrr!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A photo update

We love sushi with my hot cousin Summer!
Emma dressing up with her darling cousins!
and Hailey sitting up and eating big kid food!

Friday, April 11, 2008

about me...

i know im a pretty funny lady but sometimes there are things that i can be serious about. i know you all know about my car accident a few years ago, it is something ive often joked about stating it is the reason for my silly? witty? inappropriateness. in reality my accident was one of the most sacred, amazing experiences of my life and lately ive been feeling like i should be more because of it.
after it happened everyone said, 'you must have been saved for a reason, you must have something important to do here' and i found myself asking, why? why didn't i die? why am i not more damaged? what is it that i was saved for? i remember when i woke up in the icu after being life flighted to LDS hospital feeling the spirit stronger than i had ever felt in my life. throughout the days and weeks that followed i continued to feel it but gradually it dimmed as the moments passed. i remember saying to myself that i never wanted to loose that feeling, to never do anything to loose it and yet i sit here now remembering those moments and know i have lost so much of the almost overpowering spirit i once felt during those precious moments a few years ago back in the hospital.
i feel so blessed to have had this incredible experience but am saddened that i have not let it shape me into more of the person i know Heavenly Father wants me to be. i am sad that i have let that light dim rather than doing all i can to ensure it is with me every moment of every day! i know that it wasn't my time to go back home to our Heavenly Father but as i think about the precious moments i have been given since then and all the moments i still hope to have, i hope that i can live a little better, remembering the gift i have been given and be worthy to say when i do finally go home, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith."
i guess as i reflect on it all maybe i wasn't saved for some big amazing reason like being relief socitey president of america but rather simply to take deep breaths of the moments i still have and try to be a better me, to raise my girls to be incredible daughters of our Heavenly Father and help keep Casey out of trouble. hopefully none of you have to go through getting hit by a car yuckiness to see how precious yet fragile each moment is and how blessed we are for each day to try to be a little better!