Friday, December 5, 2008

YeAh mE!

So i dont claim to be a big work out queen but ever since my car accident I have wanted to run in a race. Im sure it is because of all my broken bones and the fact that my doctors all told me i could never run again, that i always felt sad and grouchy that there was something i could never do. a few months ago i was on a walk and i decided i was going to try running, now preface-i havent run for seven years and anytime i tried i was in agonizing pain and i had to stop after a few steps. so i started running thinking it would end up the same way, but as i kept running i didn't have any pain. it was the greatest thrill and i decided i would try running again. day after day i ran and while my body had a few achey moments i kept going. one weekend my brother in law suggested a 5k and i decided i was going to do it and began training. now i know a 5k really isnt that far but well on Thanksgiving day i did it, i ran my first 5k! so yep im bragging, i ran a 5k and its a big deal and reason for me to celebrate lots and lots because i got hit by a car and was not supposed to run ever again! thanks for letting me have my moment!