Thursday, October 23, 2008

A week of Firsts!

This past week was filled with lots of Firsts! We went on our First trip back east and had lots of First experiences. It was Hailey's First plane trip which was tons of fun since the Benadryl had an opposite affect and she was hyperactive, no napping! Then we were off to NY where we had our First subway ride-we didn't even get mugged. We had our First stroll through central park and basked in the lights of Time Square. We had our First view of New York from the Empire State building. Next we were off to Virginia where we went to our First Pumpkin patch, where we went through our First corn maze, Hailey interacted with her first goat who tried to eat her sweater, we played in our first sand box filled with corn! And in DC we went to our First patriotic moments visiting the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington memorial, the reflection pond and the White House-where i tried to see how far I could get over the fence before I got shot! All in all it was a fabulous trip full of fabulous Firsts in amazing places!