Sunday, November 8, 2009

am i really this old?

well this september emma started big kid school as a kindergartner. it was bitter sweet as i realized she was growing up which also meant i am getting older. all in one week my emma entered the big kid world, hailey got her first haircut, i learned about back to school night and joined the PTA-although i vow not to help with a bake off!!!
emma delightedly entered this new stage of life while i drove away and wondered can i really be this old. i still try to be a hip young mom but am realizing time goes by and before you know it your having "the talk" with you kids, they are getting their drivers license and going on dates then off to college and married with their own kids. needless to say the first day of school was a bit more traumatic for me then anyone else in the family.

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Rachelle said...

Yes we just had that "talk" lately, it was a real wake up to our age and stage of life! We are getting old. You look beautiful! Don't know how you live with that competitive brother of yours, gotta love it!