Friday, September 26, 2008

Three things I am absolutely in love with

Lets face it we all have to have a few things we are just absolutely in love with besides our darling kids and hunky husbands. And so I have recently fallen in love with a few things that maybe you should too since lets face it Im pretty darn fabulous and basically what I say and think is pretty much the greatest!
1. I am absolutely in love with those yummy Rocky Mountain carmel apples! Are you kidding me, who in the world thought of that and then decided to spice it up with cinnamon and more yumminess. I keep telling myself it is okay that I just ate a whole one all by myself since it was a whole apple so I figure it cancells out the chocolate and carmel and sugar galore yumminess.
2. I am absolutely in love with Sarah Palin. Now let me just explain before everyone thinks Im getting all political since really I can only stand about 5 minutes of anything news like. I love her hair, her glasses, that she is a mom and a pretty hot one too and that she doesn't let the men intimidate her. Im just proud to see a woman taking charge in a dress and heals with great hair!
3. I am absolutely in love with those darn Twilight books. Yep I have joined the naughtiness and become incaptivated by the Twilight. I have to monitor myself by saying I have to go to bed by 11pm, and I have to read my scriptures first and I have to remember to eat and I have to get at least one thing on my list done, but embarrassingly I am on the countdown for the movie band wagon. Yep I cried when Edward and Bella broke up and I have watched the trailer for the movie more than once and been like a giggly teenager. So yep thanks Stephanie Myers-you got me.
So there it is things I am absolutely in love with!


Danielle said...

Cali ...

1 ... You HAVE try the cheesecake caramel apple from Rocky Mountain. My friend used to own a store and turned me on to them. They are YUMMY!!!!

2 ... My husband made me cut my hair like Sarah Palin, he's that enamored with her!

3 ... I gotta start those twilight books. I have heard nothing but great things about them!

Danielle (Thompson) Benschop ...

oh, our blog is

debra said...

I tagged you on my blog, and I decided you need to do it since we're obviously not friends anymore. And FYI- I'm gonna have a hard time not harassing you about those fetchin' vampire books!

I still love you (unless you don't do this tag) and when are we gonna play?

J Black said...

I havn't tried the Rocky Mountian apples (or even heard of them) but they sound sinfully delicious.

There is a mormon satire blog that I think you would love. It's called "seriously so blessed". Google it and check it out. Very funny and reminds me of your humor.

Jessica Hughes said...

Hey cali it's Jessica Hughes your cousins wife. Congrats on your baby girl! I didn't know you had a blog and knew you were friends with Debra carlton.Check out our blog.