Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well for a long time now I have had a dream. A dream that someday I would grow up and be a make up artist. That it would be my job to enhance peoples beauty and make them look fabulous but it was always just a dream. Well a few months ago I found some classes which lead to more classes and more classes and now-TaDa i am a make up artist. Yes indeed i have a big box with lots of make up stuff and lots of brushes and I am in heaven. Right now im working on my website etc. and will let you all know how thats going but hooray im making the dream come true. sorry no funny stories just the inspiration to make your dreams come true! amen.


millerjk said...

Cali...I found you...I stumbled upon your is a small world!
Congratulations on your dream! Glad you are doing well.
Email me:
Kellie (lahti)

KATIE said...

I remember when the Mary Kay lady came and gave the two of us facials and we had to get bowls of water from the bathroom because we had so many dirty dishes in the sink we couldn't get to the faucet. How embarrassing for us! I'm glad you're the make-up artist now and not the dirty apartment girl anymore...and probably a better one that the Mary Kay lady too. Does everyone get 9 coats of mascara? Congratulations! (I'd give you a hug but I don't do that)

mom/caryn said...

hmmmm... just how good are you? Can this realization of your dream possibly lead to the realization of mine?

Can I be a dazzling beauty once again? Launch a ship here or there? At least launch the occasional smile from a handsome stranger?

Well... can I at the VERY least look like I'm in my forties again? Okay then... how about my Fifties?

Again, I ask... just how good are you?

If you give me the old, "I'm a make-up artist... not a magician" response I may have to sneak into your bag of tricks and do a little "trickery" of my own.

Congrats! I just wrote a blog on making dreams come true... sort of. You make me downright proud!!
even if you can't make me a dazzling beauty.

Jenna said...

Hurray for you! I think you will make a fabulous make-up artist. I've always loved the way you do your make-up and you have the gift of gab that must accompany any stylist. Maybe you could come to DC and practice on me? I'm sure you could write it off as a business venture. Pretty please? These bags under my eyes need some serious camoflauge. I'd love to have a real maker-over by a real make-up artist!

Seriously, congrats on fulfilling your dream. I know it must have been alot of hard work and a big balancing act with all that you guys have going on. Just think, now you and Casey can both work in Hollywood.

Trina said...

Cool! I did that once. It's really fun isn't it. Now that you know all of the tricks of the trade let's have a girly party and you can show us your stuff. I can always find reasons to be around the Stott girls!
Congrats on achieving your dream!

Jade said...

Cool? Will you please teach me how to do my make up? I have no clue and I am so bugged every day when I try. Good for you!

Deanie said...

Can you make a 63 year old look like a 23 year old????