Tuesday, January 27, 2009

our latest adventure

well we were off for four days of pure relaxation. four days with no diapers, no sippy cups, no winning, yep no kids. now just a little note i haven't been away from hailey for longer than a couple of hours and i have only been away from emma for two days-so it was a bit traumatizing, but i knew it would be good for all of us. so the second day of our adventure was the best day of all. we went snowmobiling-and it was fabulous and fun and all of those words to describe a good time. after we went home had a nap with no children, no sippy cups and no whinning and it was fabulous. THEN...we decided to go to the local hot springs to just relax!!! after getting in our suits we walked out into this amazing sight-there were three natural hot springs lit by dim lights, it was perfectly amazing. so we got in and began to soak and then it happened...we were surrounded by lots of nakedness, yep naked kneecaps, naked arms, and yes naked bums. luckily the lights were so dim that we really couldn't see a lot, but i sure did see a lot of shinny white bottoms. i was a bit uncomfortable, not quite sure if i should close my eyes, turn my head or awe at the free spirits all around me. while i tried to just enjoy the relaxing moment in the wonderful warm water, i couldn't help but be distracted by-not the excess of skin but my inner desire to join the group and get all nude. i guess for now i will just have to have my brief daily naked white bum moments until i am able to fulfill my inner desire to be a skinny dipper!


Chandi said...

Where were you guys. I really want to know. So either email me and tell me or leave a comment on here telling me. I am very curious. this in NOT one of those questions that you expect not to be answered.

By the way, glad you had fun, and I went skinny dipping once.....in the Adriatic Sea. It was kind of exciting.

debra said...

You're a closet nudie! HA HA! I have an idea for you... if you do reach the point of being totally comfortable in your nakedness, there's a Nudist Colony in CA that also happens to be a retirement home! SICK- who wants to be nekked when they're all saggy and squishy and... nevermind, that's groty!

I seriously love you and your crazinesses!!!

mom/caryn said...

Chandi did go skinny dipping in the Adriatic Ocean. Her mother wasn't sure whether to spank her or cheer for her.

We also had our experience with a group of nudie cuties at Lake Powell. I don't know that I'd dive, swim and sunbathe in front of a group in my all together... but the Calendar Girls thing??? Yeah. I would probably do that.


The Stott's said...

you naughty girl! I love it. ha ha We got your cute Valentine Day picture of the girls. Thank you so much! I know that you don't keep up on others blog much but you have to promise me as the "best mom in America" that you will try to check in on us every now and again and leave comments that will make me laugh k? We miss you guys!

Jade said...

Thank thank you for the cutest V-day card. I loved it and it made my day! Love you!

Jeffrey Stott said...

Wait a second, I didn't get a V-day card. It's cool, I am far away. Cali, stay away from old naked people. What did you do for Valentines?

Sarah said...

Oh, Stotts, you ARE hotts! It's me--how the H are ya? We're not too far away from you!!!!! Now you'll wanna move. ha ha

I found your blog on Jen M's blog--so look out or go secure, you choose! j/k

You guys are so cute and I LOVED the few posts that I read. Like Emma saying "peanut" LOVE IT. And the one where your new year resolution was to not swear. Loved that too. If you should venture to our blog, you will read that my darling 4 year old recently said DAMMIT! So, guess there's another mommy out there who needs to resolve to stop potty-mouthin' it! ha ha

miss you!

Lynley said...

Hey Cali,

I love to say the word "nakies". That's what Eli is when he gets out of the shower... "nakies".

Now that I am past 30 and have had four kids, I for one, am very glad to be wearing clothes.

Hurray for you and Caser taking in some sweet R&R.

Ginny Tanner said...

that's great you guys had some time to yourselves. it's good to recharge every now and again.

Shanna said...

Oh Cali, don't pretend you wanted to look away. We all know you and know you were checking everyone's white bums out!