Monday, January 5, 2009

new year resolutions

So i've decided to post my new year's resolutions so that if i am naughty and you catch me, you are totally allowed to call me on it and then say mean things about my commitment and dedication issues.

1. stop swearing-now i would like to explain that sometimes i believe swearing is appropriate and needs to be used for emphasis, however i will try to refrain from most swear words but occasionally might slip for purely humorous reasons.
2. make my life healthy-this will be tough since i believe chocolate and ice cream should be a part of the four food groups but i will make a strong effort to abstain from the yumminess and just eat lots of wheat germ.
3. be nicer-now i know you all are saying, what you are so nice, but in my head i often see people and want to kick them in the knee caps for the dumbness, and so my resolution to be nicer is purely to try and think of good things rather than kick you in the knee caps things when i see people acting in a dumbness fashion.

and so there they are. my new year resolutions. i will try one hundred percent to be better and know that you will all like me lots better at the end 2010 if i can stick to the plan.


mom/caryn said...

All worthy goals, indeed. But, like you better? Nah! Not possible.

Jessica Hughes said...

Cute Cali good luck on those wspecially the thinking people are dumb and wanting to hurt them Taht is great.... Your pict with hubby adorable.Jess

Thad & Summer Stott said...

Yay! I miss you already. It's weird how just being out of state you can miss so many things. I love your new years resolutions. Can you please make exceptions about swearing around me? lol. Love ya!